Pie#7 Grapefruit Curd Tart

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I was half under the weather AND alone in the house when I made these. But nothing like a little pie tart to lift the mood! I’ve never made tarts before – but I had some extra dough in the fridge and decided to give these a try.

As soon as I saw these tiny pink tarts from Bark and Linen blog┬ávia Pinterest I was in love with them. They looked so cute. The recipe has way too much sugar for my liking – but it includes this chamomile whipped cream recipe which was the BOMB. Once I tasted the sweetness of the tart filling I didn’t add any sugar to the whipped cream – and that really helped cut through the sugar :).

The painful part was the 5 tbs of grapefruit zest. It made me wish I had a legit zester instead of using a cheese grater. But I just popped on an episode of Victoria and grated away.