PIE #4 Cranberry Gingersnap Pie

I’ve made this pie a total of 4 times now this Christmas season – it’s awesome, easy, and SO pretty. It seriously looks super festive with the sugared cranberries on top.

For being a pretty straightforward and relatively easy recipe – I somehow managed to make this pie as difficult as I possibly could the first time around.

afterlight (7)
Cranberry Lemon Curd Pie take 1 – topped with Thyme

For the crust, I forgot that my housemate, Sara, actually has a food processor – AND has it sitting on the kitchen counter (oh my goodness!). But you know – since I didn’t see it right in front of me, I had to think quick on my feet. What do you do to grind up gingersnaps and walnuts when you DON’T have a food processor? What they did in the 17th century of course! I used the mortar and pestle that my other housemate, Liz, has for her herbs. I’m not recommending this. If all of this sounds insane to you, and like it would take forever, that would be accurate. 

When I was making the curd it asks you to push a lot of curd through a metal strainer. The only metal strainer I could recall owning is the one for my tiny teapot- like the size of ¼ cup. I won’t go on about the details – but long story short – I eventually got the curd through the metal filter :).

Lesson learned – if you’re ever in a bind or in the wilderness you can still make this pie. The second time around this pie was SO much easier.

Notes – This recipe is not original with me and was found via a blog by Sue – For full recipe click here: The View From the Great Island

afterlight (6)

afterlight (8)
Cranberry Lemon Curd Pie take 2 – with Friends – topped with Mint

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