PIE #2 Earl Grey Pie

Hi Friends!

There is this little bakery in downtown Los Angeles called the Pie Hole. Located in arguably one of the hippest parts of LA, the Arts District, the neighborhood has it all – from colorful murals spanning tall brick walls and tasty coffee within walking distance – you might even come across a quirky flea market on a Saturday morning.

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But Pie Hole is super special because it’s devoted to pie!!! And they have all kinds of unique flavors that are really fun. But one flavor that quickly came to the top of our list of pies to attempt was their Earl Grey Pie.

I poked around on Pinterest – and found this awesome recipe from the Kitchen Harvest :)! It’s involved – I wouldn’t say difficult – just one that will take up your whole day ;). But totally totally worth it!!!

PS: When I made this with my friends I made the crust ahead of time so that we could focus on making the pastry cream together. And instead of allowing the cream to cool all day (which is the best way) we stuck it in the freezer until it was cool enough and it was still super tasty. It made the time closer to 2 hours together instead of 8 hours.

PPS: Be vigilant during the mixing of the tea – I set the tea bags on fire the first time – yikes.

For full recipe click here: Earl Grey Pie


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