PIE #1 Peach Custard Pie

Hi Friends!!


Here’s the rundown: A couple friends and I get together to make pie, eat it (of course), and recount it here. If you’re a friend that comes over to make pie with me – I hope this is a good resource to look back on past recipes; and if you’re new, I hope you try these pies out and make them with friends too!!


PIE #1 Peach Custard

Summer peach season is the bomb. I found this recipe on Pinterest a little while ago but had yet to give it a go till this past year. And this was the beginning of our Pie with Friends!! This pie was the nucleus, the pie that began it all.


I made this pie 3 times over the course of the season, and each time I felt like I learned how to make it a little better. It’s an easy recipe and always received RAVE reviews. The picture shows my burnt crust. FUN FACT – they have crust covers to help them stay toasty but NOT burnt 🙂. if you don’t have a pie crust saver, no problem, you can use foil.


This does require blind baking – which is baking the crust before you put the filling in. You’ll need some pie weights or beans (even some pennies will work if you use some foil to line the crust). 

Also, you need to know how to peel a peach – which I had to google :). But it’s kind of like magic. You boil water – set the peaches in with the water covering the peach. Keep them in the boiling water for 15-30 seconds, remove and place in a bowl with ice cold water. The skin will peel off super easy with a paring knife (depending on the ripeness).



IMPORTANT NOTE: This recipe isn’t original with me – for full recipe click here:  Christina Cucina’s brilliant blog post

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